How do I use AnyDojo Math Teacher On Demand service?

As a student, first you download AnyDojo Math Tutoring By Real Teachers iPad app. When you need help, you select the math subject you need help on, and get connected instantly to a credentialed, peer-reviewed math teacher who is currently available. If no teacher is available at the moment, or if your need is not urgent, you can choose to sign on to upcoming tutoring sessions, and joins the sessions at the scheduled time. You will only be charged for the one-on-one time with a teacher, by the minutes.

Who are the teachers on AnyDojo Math Teacher On Demand service?

They are all credentialed math teachers in U.S., verified and peer-reviewed by AnyDojo.

How do I pay for the math teacher on demand service?

After downloading the app and signing in, select the math subject you need help on. Follow the link to Paypal to purchase a $60 account balance. Once you have an account balance, you can start using the service. You balance will be automatically deducted as you use the service. If your balance falls below $15, you will be reminded to recharge. We don't store your payment information. Nor do we automatically recharge.

How much does each minute of session cost?

It costs $.90 per minute. The duration of a session is rounded up to the next minute. Based on our data, most homework questions take 5-10 minutes to resolve, although it varies from students to students.

Can I get refunded if I don't use up all my balance?

Yes. If you decide to terminate your account while still having a balance, your balance will be refunded within 30 days of account closure, subject to a $2.50 service fee. You have 14 days to download all your worksheets after account closure.

Is there a way I can use AnyDojo app for free?

Yes. If a teacher creates a invitation-only dojo session and invite you to join, you account will not be charged by AnyDojo.

How can I become a tutor on AnyDojo?

Register as a teacher on AnyDojo, you can already start private tutoring by creating invite-only dojos and providing your students with dojo codes. If you wish to making your dojos public and getting paid through AnyDojo, contact us.

What is AnyDojo Community Editions - AnyDojo Open and AnyDojo P2P?

AnyDojo Community Editions are free to download and free to use to public schools and student study groups. They have the same powerful features as the AnyDojo Math Teacher On Demand app. AnyDojo Open iPad app is for teachers to host virtual office hours. AnyDojo P2P iPad app is for students to help each other.

How do I use AnyDojo Open to host virtual office hour for students who need extra help?

Here is a tutorial about how to use AnyDojo open: Whether you are at a public school or private school, talk to us about the best deployment strategy to take full advantage of AnyDojo Open For Virtual Office Hours.